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The Best Sex Positions For Pregnant Women

Sex during pregnancy is complicated — not just physically, but emotionally. Some women feel like they are at their sexiest when they’re pregnant and can’t wait to slip between the sheets with their partner. Others, however, find that sex is the absolute last thing that they’re thinking about while they’re pregnant. Each reaction is completely valid, and no woman should feel pressured to have sex during pregnancy.

But, if you’re someone who is feeling randy and wanting to get it on during those nine long months, you probably have a ton of questions. Can sex hurt the baby? Are some positions safer than others? Up until what point can my partner and I get it on? Luckily, the answers to these questions are easier than you may think.

“Sex during pregnancy is generally safe, as long as there are no complications,” says Dr. Adeeti Gupta, founder of Walk In GYN Care. Complications, such as placenta previa, preeclampsia, and preterm labor all fall under this umbrella. And before you ask, no — your partner’s penis can’t hurt the baby, since the baby is protected by your cervix. The only complication that could make sex dangerous in this way is if you’ve been diagnosed with a short cervix, which is literally when your cervix is smaller than normal.

Positions-wise, Dr. Gupta says that everything is fair game, so long as you’re never completely on your back and you’re comfortable. “For positions like missionary, we suggest propping two pillows under your back,” she says.

And while missionary is great for mothers who are early on in their pregnancy, it can be difficult to negotiate with a bigger belly. So, ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best positions for pregnant mothers. Just because you’re pregnant, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep things sexy in the bedroom.


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